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OIA is named after a Greek island, the project is strategically placed as an island overlooking 4 main roads in one of the best locations in the New Capital and as the market is expanding east. OIA is 30 acer project will be our corner stone in what we vision to be a long list of great developments to come. Located in the corner of the new capital gives our project a great accessibility and wind access for the whole project. OIA’s location is perfect for our owners, placing the project with proximity to all services and roads allowing the day to day life needs within minutes of reach. OIA’s mixed used area is built on a total of 18,000sqm, the commercial area annexed to Oia’s residential units will serve the owners and provide the day to day needs with the highest quality of tents. Offering a wide range of types fulfilling the different needs of the Egyptian market, ranging from 2 bedroom 123sqm up to a 3bedroom 268sqm. All units are design to best space ratio possible to give each unit the optimum living space. All units are overlooking landscape and water features.

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