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Swan Lake EL Gouna introduces an idyllic beach paradise, partnered with Crystal Lagoons, sun-kissed rooftops and undulating greens to surround all condos with soothing 360 degree views of beach paradise from the beautiful Greek Cycladic houses that eccentricity proudly stand as bold statements of architectural brilliance to blend in absolute harmony with the heavens, earth and sea allowing sustainable year-round use. So, whether you desire to sunbathe all day or prefer to join water sport amenities on the beachside. Swan Lake exclusive community features premium amenities and memorable experiences not offered elsewhere allowing you to glide effortlessly into the socially spirited world of El Gouna to enjoy Hassan Allam properties set its own benchmark by consistently collaborating with internationally reputed master planners, architecture and interior design firms. Swan Lake El Gouna is no exception. It has been created in a modern Greek interior design style, bringing Swan Lake El Gouna community the Greek feel to its doorsteps. All units are fully finished, ready to move in condos to assure your convenience.

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